Unlock the Power of Wellness

Welcome Home!  My name is Andrea and I am the owner of D.I.P Fitness & Nutrition.  I am a nutritionist and elite personal trainer who specializes in Holistic Nutrition and Chronic Illness.  My journey into fitness and nutrition began with birth of my beautiful daughter.  Before she made her appearance into the world she experienced severe food allergies.  My pregnancy completely changed my outlook on food.  Overcoming an unhealthy relationship with food, I began to study food and food alternatives to allow my daughter to have more food choices.  It was at that moment that I realized this was truly my passion.  I was diagnosed with SLE in 2009.  Frustrated and wanting to just feel better, I began to become more aware of what I was putting into my body and feeding my family.  Over the past several years I have assisted people with meeting their health goals through fitness and nutrition.    I am extremely passionate about helping others.  My message is simple.  It's not about dieting.  It’s not about the scale.  It’s not about how you look to others.  It is about YOU.  It is truly a lifestyle modification.  All it takes is a series of small changes that will have huge lifelong effects.  Own your health, Own your life!